"the Palm" is a large scale installation made wtih everyday materials.  Created for a gallery space in Miami, Florida the work addresses our complex and often contradictory relationships to the environment.


"Silent Absence", "Orange Fury" and "Surface Undulation of Dislocation III", 2013 is a multi-media installation with photography, everyday materials, and video.  

"The NOD" is a tribute to Philip Guston's early, mid and late works.

"PLAY GROUND" is a large-scale mixed media installation with sound. It's medium is discarded childrens clothing and every day materials suspended within 'a black hole' viewable through a circle from the street.  On view with the art organization Chashama at their storefront Gallery at West 37th Street, NYC, sound tracks of vintage nursery songs mixed with other recordings play at intervals audible throughout the day from an exterior speaker.

"Reverberation" is a site specific installation created in the High Desert of Joshua Tree, CA. as part of Copper Mountain College's "Earthworks Now International Biennial" in 2005. The work is situated on a 120 foot sloping site. It is made with volcanic rock, discarded desert plant material, industrial tubing, solar lighting and a variety of local sounds I recorded and buried in the earth to play from selected tubes at intervals each day. Along with addressing a range of contemporary issues, it's serpentine form references the area's indigenous culture, once prevalent mining industry and explorations in the role of sound waves. (Audio Track p.2)

"Between the Trees" is a site-specific series created on the historic grounds of Smith Castle, the home of Roger Williams and founder of Rhode Island.  Situated within a grove of cedar trees, the work addresses the history of the site in relation to a range of contemporary issues through the use of everyday materials combined with a grove of trees. A review of these works can be found in "Art New England", November 2003.

The Formation Series, the Dance and Floating Wall were first developed in the mid 1990's. Vulnerable yet tensile, each work is a large-scale installation sculpture constructed  from nylons and other non-traditional materials as its medium.